Organizing Committee

John McNichol, Chair Manitoba Hydro
Kelly Monkman, Event Coordinator Manitoba Hydro
Paul Christensen, Technical Support Manitoba Hydro
Steven Desrochers, Event Producer Jaguar Expo

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for the colloquium is composed of representatives of the following Study Committees:

SC Title Chair / Contact for Meetings
A3 High Voltage Equipment Mr. Hiroki Ito, Chairman
Mr. Frank Richter, Secretary
B4 HVDC & Power Electronics Dr. Mohamed Rashwan, Chairman
Ms. Joanne HU, Secretary
D1 Materials & Emerging Test Techniques Dr. Ralf Pietsch, Chairman
Dr. Johannes Seiler, Secretary

The Study Committees listed above will hold their annual Study Committee meetings in Winnipeg. A number of working groups will also hold meetings here.

Requests for meeting rooms for Working Group meetings should be submitted through your Study Committee contact. The organizing committee is working with Study Committee contacts to ensure all requests for meeting rooms are facilitated.

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